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Welcome to Commander Technology

Moving us into the future with a vision for change.

Welcome to Commander Technology.  We are focused on building a better tomorrow with automation, sustainable energy, and ideas that change the way we live and do business.  

Commander is a pioneer in the robotic mowing industry. We consult with you and provide installation of robotic mowers. We have created policies and procedures to ensure our clients have the best experience going automated for their lawn. 


Solar is the future of energy production. It is green for the planet and allows individuals, farmers and organizations to own their own power.  Our associations with established brands like Genrac inverters and Jinko panels ensure that your needs will be covered. On the agricultural side, we have an entire division based around automation and power production, from robotics to stir up your grain silos to powering your entire farm!

Commander is a leader in the construction space with a vision in robotics and software.  Commander has already created the first smartphone app for electronic signatures specific to software. Commander has been both a General Contractor and software developer in construction for four years. We are aiming to have a new General Contractor's license in the year 2023 to build the first 3D printed home in Mississippi.  

Rolling Suns Technologies is the Research and Development team at Commander.  The CEO, David Edwards, is a senior at the University of West Florida with dual intentions of having an Engineering Technology degree and minor in Computer Science and will then complete a full Computer Engineering Degree.  

The "Goat" is a Capstone that is a robotic fence machine.

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How May We Help You?

Are you tired of your grass growing?  Is cutting the grass on the weekends exhausting or the expense of paying someone regularly to cut your yard adding up?

Are you a farmer or homeowner who wants to take control and own your own power while saving the planet?

Are you a business, farm or organization that needs processes automated, through robotics or software?

Are you that first client in Mississippi who wants to be the trend setter and get a 3D printed house?  Showing the world that technology is cool and offers solutions to problems and beautiful, retro housing?

Are you a technology intern or looking for a career in consulting or installation for our systems?  Or you a tech nerd like us and want to research the newest ideas?

If ANY of these questions apply to you, the enter the form at the bottom of our page and someone from our company will reach out to you.  

What We Do

1.  Robotic Mowing: We have done research on the market of robotic mowing and consult with clients on the types of mowers to buy for the scope of the lawn.  We map out a plan of action and can install the mower. 

2.  We consult with residential, agriculture and commercial clients with going solar and saving the planet and saving you money.  

3.  We are a general contractor and will hold a builders license and will have access to build homes in the Southeast.  We plan on focusing on the 3D printed home market as a pioneer in this space.

4.  We build software and currently own software such as Commander Contracts and the Commander Services App.  We are in the process of creating a larger piece of software that will automate task for clients and drop prices on services because of this added efficiency.  

5.  Finally and most fun, we do research and development.  As a team of engineering, we get our hands dirty in playing with robotics, systems and writing code.  

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“Good enough is not good enough if it can be better. And better is not good enough if it can be best.”

Rick Rigsby

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Our Innovative Solution

Are you tired of mowing regularly? Let us help you save time and energy using robotic lawn mowing services!

Fun facts about robotic mowers-

  1. They are safe

  2. They have GPS tracking and other anti-theft features

  3. They can be programmed to fit your schedule and needs

  4. They require less maintenance than traditional mowers

  5. They are economical

  6. They can fit a variety of yards and properties

  7. Contact us for a consultation today! Our team of experts can help you figure out which brand or size will best suit your needs. We also offer installation packages to quickly and easily get you on your way to enjoying your yard again!

Get in Touch

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us. You can contact us through any option below, or by downloading our app, "Commander Services"!



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