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At Commander Technology, we are committed to bringing technology and innovation to the South. We believe that there is a strong future in technology and robotics to help with a variety of needs. Our company is innovating what it means to be in construction, lawn care, and technology. We do this by incorporating our own app (Designed by Commander owner David Edwards), and our understanding of robotics and technology into our already extensive knowledge and network of construction and lawn care. We believe that the first way to do this is to help introduce robotic lawn mowing to the states we serve. Robotic lawn mowers are a great way to help maintain a beautiful yard! We also offer software services such as app development. 

Our company believes that not even the sky is the limit! Join us on our quest to develop new technology and implement it to make mundane tasks more efficient and affordable. We have big ideas for the future- but more on that later! 

We are excited to step into the future with you! Reach out today!

Installing Solar Panels
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We are about to expand into aerial advertising! If you are a pilot or have knowledge and experience with aircraft maintenance, please submit your application! We'd love to speak with you about upcoming opportunities.


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