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About Us

At Commander Technology, we are committed to bringing technology and innovation to the South. We believe that there is a strong future in technology and robotics to help with a variety of needs. Our company strives to introduce effective technologies to assist in daily tasks. We believe that the first way to do this is to help introduce robotic lawn mowing to the states we serve. Robotic lawn mowers are a great way to help maintain a beautiful yard! We now also offer solar consultation and installation.  As we move forward with these innovative technologies, we are still looking to the future as well. We are doing research on how to efficiently bring 3D printed homes to the public! We believe that these homes can be beautiful, sustainable, and affordable. If you want to learn more about this or might be interested in a 3D printed structure for yourself, please reach out! We love to hear your thoughs and share ours. 

Our company believes that not even the sky is the limit! Join us on our quest to develop new technology and implement it to make mundane tasks more efficient and affordable. We have big ideas for the future- but more on that later! 

We are excited to step into the future with you! Reach out today!

Installing Solar Panels

The Commander Technology Team

Get to know the people leading you into the future!

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David Edwards

Chief Executive Officer

David has 10 years of entrepreneurship experience in home services, construction and technology.  David prides himself on his strong vision for the future. He strongly believes that "adaptation is crucial to the success of people and businesses of the future". Fun fact about David- he loves flying airplanes!

Wilson Polk

Chief Building Officer

Wilson graduated from Mississippi State University and has building experience from assisting his father with their family's construction company. He is dedicated to bringing new forms of technology and construction to our customers. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Chief Technology Officer

We are looking to fill the roles of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

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