Robotic Mowing FAQ

What You Need to Know

Are robotic mowers safe?

Yes! Robotic mowers are very safe. They have a spinning disk that rotates at a lower velocity than a gas powered mower so they are safer than the traditional ones. If you are still concerned, there are also certain models that have tiny blades that fold in on themselves for further safety measures.

Will my robotic mower get stolen from my yard?

While theft is always a possibility for anything inside or outside your home, there are multiple safety measures included with each lawn mower to prevent and deter theft, or to ensure it is recovered in the unlikely event it is stolen. These safety features may vary slightly among different brands or models, but will typically include a GPS system to track it. In addition, they cannot operate without the base which would be much more difficult to steal as well. As an additional safety measure, at Commander we also have our own GPS tracking system that we can install as an added feature to help ensure recovery. Additionally, robotic mowers are not frequently targeted. So while no one can guarantee theft won't occur, you can rest assured that it is unlikely.

Will a robotic mower work if my yard is fenced?

Yes! This is another way that we at Commander are able to help you. Commander is able to help assess your specific situation to see if it will work. We are also working on patenting an automatic door that can open when the mower approaches the fence. During a consultation, these are solutions that we can discuss to ensure that your home, fence, pets, family, and mower can work together in harmony.

Can I still enjoy my yard with a mower running regularly?

Of course you can! You will probably be able to enjoy it more knowing that it is seamlessly taken care of. No more manual mowing on those hot or busy days. The robotic lawn mower will help to maintain your yard with minimal intervention. Additionally, they can be programmed to cut whenever is convenient for you. They do not take up much space and are much quieter than a large or gas powered mower.

How much maintenance work is necessary for a robotic lawn mower?

Every mower is going to require maintenance. The good news is that robotic lawn mowers require much less maintenance than traditional mowers! The blades need to be changed at approximately the same frequency as traditional mowers, but they do not require any gas or oil changes like a traditional mower does. There is occasional small servicing that may be needed, but it can be done yourself or our company offers servicing as well to make your life as simple as possible.

Are robotic mowers affordable?

They can be! The startup cost will be more than purchasing a traditional gas mower. However, they are actually much more economic in the long run! They do not require as much maintenance, and with gas prices being so high, you will definitely save money in the long run.